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Wearing black in Summer

We have all heard or probably even said ourselves that durning the hot summer days, it is better to wear light or bright colours, it is too hot for black. Now this is one fashion myth that I hear all the time and I am here to debunk that once and for all!

I do agree that it is great to wear bright colours in summer as it looks great against nature's backdrop plus after spending winters in darkness it can really lift the spirits to add vibrant colours to our wardrobe. However, not everyone is into this, some of us really enjoy wearing black and here are a few tips on how to do this during summer.


Wearing a black 100% black linen, crochet or cotton dress is way more comfortable that a bright coloured polyester one. When choosing clothing for hot days, pay more attention to the fabric than the colour. Think breathable natural material.


It is important to comfortable at all times, so ideally in the summer think airy and loose. Choose a silhouette that you love and enjoy the summer breeze.


The perfect way to make your black outfit give summer, is to use summer accessories to bring the look together. Raffia, beads and scarves will brighten your outfit instantly

Break it up

There is always the option to infuse other fabrics and colours, to make the outfit more interesting. Denim is the perfect pairing for a chic summer look. Cut outs however, are the ultimate way to break up an all black look for summer. Dresses with the sides cut out or deep plunging back or necklines, showing off your legs or midriff will give your outfit that easy, effortless look. Just make sure you are moisturized and glowing! This is the perfect time to show off that favourite area of your body, the subtlest hint (or as risqué as you dare) of sunkissed skin is what summers are for.

I enjoy wearing black. It gives an elegant, timeless look to the simplest of outfits. The little black dress can also be a summer dress. So if bright colours are just not your thing, go back to black!

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Nickosha Arnold
Nickosha Arnold
Jul 02, 2023

Love how simple and to the point this article is! very practical fashion tip to keep us on trend.

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