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New trends do not mean that we need to change our wardrobe or how we like to dress. It can simply be a guide to how we can wear what we have in a new way.

So before you go shopping, look in your closet. You may be surprised that you already have pieces that can be reworked and give you an updated look. After all nothing in fashion is totally new, what goes around definitely comes back around.

Here are the 3 spring-summer trends that we are loving:

Cut outs

I am really enjoying this new take on cutouts, it can be modestly and tastefully done even though you are showing a bit of skin.


Colours can sound scary especially coming off the heels of wearing black and grey all winter. There is a shade of every colour for everyone. Plus, you do not need a full pink outfit, you can infuse colours in small doses!

Relaxed Trousers

For 2022 we will put the skinny jeans to the back of the closet. Our denim and all other pants are wider and more relaxed this season. The Y2K low rise trend is also back (I refuse to go there). And for those of us who won't, we can still enjoy this relaxed trend wearing mid and high rise trousers.

Which trends are you feeling this spring-summer?


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