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Copenhagen Fashion week RECAP

What a week it was! Attending CPHFW was the perfect way to start February and get some life into what seems like the longest winter ever. Fashion has always been a pick-me-up, and sitting front rows at the season's hottest shows is a thrill beyond measure. In addition to the collections, the Scandinavian street style is a mix of elegance, edge and practicality, and seeing it in motion was electrifying. Here is a taste of what tickled my fancy at Copenhagen A/W23 Fashion Week:

DENIM reigns supreme! And seeing new exciting ways to wear it is utterly exciting. The final maxi denim jeans dress with embellished shoulders by GESTUZ was one of my favourites and may be the only piece of clothing I buy in 2023. Noteworthy too is `Scandi' breakout brand GANNI, Ditti showed us the cool girl ways to wear denim this year.


I gasped the entire Gestuz collection, the bold gold accessories elevated every look. Adding such accessories to simple dresses and shirts, is the easiest way to make an absolute statement.


Not every one will want to wear a full on metallic outfit. But adding the trend to accessories such as sunglasses and handbags as shown in the Stine Goya show, is a great way to add an interesting layer to any outfit. I particularly liked the green and blue metallic blazers, coats and puffers, the ultimate outerwear pop.

My favourite part of fashion week is the STREET STYLE.

Figuring out what to wear during fashionweek in February in Copenhagen is an extreme sport! Some days were rainy and windy and hoovering around freezing point. I take my hat off to all the fashionistas, (including myself), who brought the heat to the danish capital. We truly embraced the the Scandinavian rule that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

Enjoy some of my favourite street style moments:

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Marsha Butler
Marsha Butler
Jun 04, 2023

Great read! I now have a greater appreciation for certain fashion trends! Thank you!

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