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My 2024 no buy List

With the start of the new year, many of us make resolutions that are intended to improve our lives. Sometimes we are able to stick with them, other times (more often than not) we may make it until the second week in January before we fall back into our old habits. Either way, it's the thought/intention that counts.

After several attempts at a dry year, in terms of shopping, I do not make resolutions anymore. Instead I will choose a few things that I know I can be intentional about. So while I cannot commit to having a no shopping year, I can commit to making adjustments to my shopping habits. So here are a few things that I will not be buying in 2024.

  • High heels. If it is over 2.5 inches, it is a no for me. While I will agree that a 6 inch stiletto looks very elegant they really are not comfortable and rather impractical. I will not buy shoes that are only comfortable when I am sitting or posing for a photo. Currently, kitten heels are trending, which mean there are a plethora of styles and outfit ideas available. A sling back kitten heel or kitten heel boots are not only comfortable but chic, timeless and ladylike.

  • The next thing on my no buy list is occasion wear. I now find it a waste of money and precious closet or storage space, to hoard items that are just worn once (yes, even wedding dresses). I often wish I did what my sister did, and bought a nice white dress that can wear after the wedding day. And if you really want a traditional wedding dress renting is a sustainable option. So if in the future I am invited to an event that requires wearing something special that doesn't go with my lifestyle, for example a Saree or a Djellaba, I will opt to rent instead of buying.

  • Another thing I will not be doing this year is impulse buying. Not because it is pretty, on sale, my style or flattering means that I should buy it. Have you ever wondered why you have several of the same things in your closet? 4 black blazers, all serving the same purpose?

  • This leads nicely into my final no buy item. So even though I will not be buying things just because they are on sale, as much as possible I do not plan on buying Items at full price either. Let me explain. If I recognise that I need a black coat for the upcoming winter, I will buy it during the sales at the end of this winter season, and have it ready for next winter as opposed to buying it at full price at the beginning of Fall next year.

Do you have a no buy list? Is there anything you would add to this list?


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