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Let's TWANG!

In Jamaica, the word twang is used in reference to instances when a  Jamaican who grew up speaking heavy patios (our local dialect), tries to talk with an American/British Accent. This attempt at speaking ‘proper’ often ends up sounding silly and unnatural. The Merriam-Webster, however, defines Twang as the characteristic speech of a region or group of people.

The truth is, we all have our distinct twang.

I found this name fitting for this space because as we travel, we need to adapt to our new environment, and this is challenging. It’s as if we must put on a new way of being as our essence is out of place in this new environment. No one understands it.



Whether we are moved from home for work, as a trailing spouse, love, or adventure we want to be our full complete selves. That is perhaps why I am triggered by the overuse of the term integration.  I must be me, and first observe then slowly test out new things, decide what I like and do not like. And add my own take on it to make it palatable for me. To enhance my life. My own Twang. Not just trying to mimic what is happening and end up feeling silly and unnatural.



Whether it’s learning the language, forging friendships, job hunting, understanding the healthcare system, finance, raising children, brunching, enjoying moments and and and... Twang will be the space I needed and still need. Here we will share voices, experiences, thoughts, and discoveries which will help us on this journey.. How we are living, learning and thriving. It is my hope to form a community where we can see each other as we find our Twang.

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