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Scents of the season

I cannot believe I am here but I have become a perfume woman.

In my 20s, I had one signature scent Dior J'adore. For my 30s I chose Chloé's Chloé. I knew nothing about notes, blend or the difference between eau de Toilette and eau de Parfum, I just chose something I liked, something that smelt pretty. Now in this decade I am on the quest to find my new signature scent. This time is a little different though, the 40s is far more complex and one scent just will not suffice. Additionally, perfumes have become Social Media's latest trend and I just couldn't help myself after watching all those Reels and youtube GRWM videos which included fragrances.

So, in addition to choosing a single signature scent, I have amassed a perfume collection. I have scents for different seasons, occasions and mood. And while I am still not a perfume connoisseur, I know what I like and what works on my skin. More importantly, I know how each fragrance makes me feel. Learning how to layer fragrances and creating my own custom scent is my next goal. For now though here are a few of the fragrances that I have been enjoying this spring/summer.

Maison Margiela REPLICA When the rain stops

This really is Spring in a bottle. And it gives that feeling of being in Jamaica and stepping outside after the rain stops when the sky clears up and the sun returns.

Perfumer: Fanny Bal

Eau de Toilette

Notes : Bergamot oil, Vegetal accord, Pink Pepper essence, Isparta Rose Petal essence, Patchouli Bali essence, Moss accord

Price: 130 CHF (100ml)

Zara Waterlily Tea Dress

As described on the website this fragrance transports you to a picnic on the lawn, the gentle breeze caresses a vintage tea dress as soft jazz music plays in the background. I must say Zara perfumes have been doing well, more than well actually. Several of their fragrances have been compared to those from luxury houses you can check the list here.

Perfumer: Jo Malone

Eau de Parfum

The fragrance reveals notes of vert de bergamot, spearmint and musk.

Price: 39.90 CHF (90ml)

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey

As the name suggests this is a citrusy and sweet fragrance. But not too sweet, it has the lightness of spring. Jo Malone really gets it right every time. And the fact that she created a line of fragrances for Zara which are top notch is truly amazing.

Perfumer: Jo Malone

Eau de Cologne

Notes: Cassis, Acacia Honey, Peach

Price: 72 CHF (30ml)

HERMÈS Twilly d'Hermès

There are several versions of Twilly and it was not love at first scent for me. But the SA sprayed this version on my skin and as I went about my day and the scent dried down it was just beautiful and my friends kept asking me what perfume I was wearing. It stayed on my mind and luckily I was able to get it at the airport.

Twilly smells luxurious. It is my summer evening fragrance a bit bolder and sweeter than the others mentioned above. It is giving O P U L E N C E and I am here for it!

Perfumer: Christine Nagel

Eau de Perfum

Notes: Ginger, Bitter Orange and Bergamot; Tuberose, Orange Blossom and Jasmine; Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Price: 95 CHF (30ml)

YSL Libre Intense

Initially I thought of this as a autumn/winter fragrance but I find myself still reaching for it durning the spring especially as a date night scent. It has this french sexiness to it. Also, it lasts for hours, you will definitely leave your trail with this one.

Perfumer: Anne Flipo & Carlos Benaim

Eau de Parfum

Notes: Lavender, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot; Lavender, Tunisian Orange Blossom, Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Ambergris and Vetiver.

Price: 90 CHF (30ml)

Our sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain that monitors memories and emotions. Logically then, scent affects our mood. Choosing the right perfume before a job interview, a date or a workout has the ability to affect how we perform on these occasions. So fragrances are not only a great way to accessorise, but the right fragrance can be perfect picker-upper.


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