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First of Fall

For the first time since moving from Jamaica, I had no anxiety at the end of August. This summer has been HOT. I enjoyed every blistering moment of the heatwave. My vitamin D tank is full and I am ready for the most fashionable season of them all, Fall.

I sat with the fashionable and beautiful Nicole Reed of and we spoke about all things fashion for fall 2022

What intrigues you the most about fall fashion?

TWANG: I grew up in the Caribbean where it’s warm/ hot all year round. So when I started traveling and experiencing cooler temps and real seasonal changes, being able to dress for this was very intriguing, daunting at first but intriguing nonetheless.

NICOLE: What I like best in this season is the freedom of creating layers of beautiful textures like leather, cashmere, denim, and wool all mixed together. Even silks are fantastic to incorporate. And because of the great temperatures we have in Europe now You can actually create a look without having to worry about - is it too cold or too warm.

TWANG: Definitely! I think fall fashion is where you really get to show your sense of style. Where you can infuse your personality into your outfits. Play with layering and interesting silhouettes.

How would you describe your fall fashion aesthetic?

TWANG: I like a relaxed chic look. Neutral colours. lots of black.

NICOLE: I try to build my fall wardrobe around items I have already bought and invested in sometimes items I bought years ago. My fall style is definitly a clean beige and black / Brown aesthetic.

What pieces are you excited to pull out again this fall?

NICOLE: Im excited about getting all my blazers out from the Frankie shop. They are all designed to be oversized and make anything look effortlessly stylish.

TWANG: I have a few but on top of my list is my Levi's denim midi skirt. I haven’t worn it in ages . But now I have a few ideas of how I want to style it. Denim on denim is trending this season too, so I am excited to wear this again.

I know you are all about smart shopping. Buying good quality, timeless pieces. How do you update your look without having a ‘haul’ each year?

TWANG: I like to organize my closet. Put the summer pieces to the back and see what I have. I also check Pinterest and the fashion shows so that i can get inspiration on how to rework them.

NICOLE: Moving into the future I think hauls are very outdated, not to say they aren’t entertaining to watch.

I believe investing in some quality and timeles pieces will make it so much easier for you to get dressed every day. Try to build your wardrobe with core pieces and you can add a trend color, or new cut item into it effortlessly.

What are your tips for transitioning from summer to autumn?

TWANG: The simplest way for me is to add a blazer to my dresses and shirts then switch out my sandals for sneakers or loafers and eventually boots.

NICOLE: For transitioning into autumn from summer it’s best to think in layers, and mixing pieces.

For example, Just take your favorite summer dress and add some chunky boots and a sweater or blazer to add warmth to also break up the look and make it more modern.

And accessories. Are you big on accessories? Jewelry, scarves or hats. How do you tie these pieces into your fall looks?

TWANG: Hats and belts. My Loewe Obi belt really helps to add a nice finish to an outfit. Also, my head must be warm. I like beanies and paperboy hats.

NICOLE: When thinking of Accessoires - less is more.

For example I’m not a belt girl - I think I own like 2, but beautiful jewelry always looks amazing to upgrade your look.

I’d say short silk scarves are amazing, and of course hats.

But don’t add a hat, jewelry, silk scarves, and on top your bag … too much will ruin the entire look your going for. Do it like the French, before you leave the house look into the mirror one more time and take of one accessory. Voila, perfect.


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