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denim on denim on denim

Forget black on black (can we though?) , the hottest fashion trend at the moment is denim and I am here for it! Denim is that one thing we all have and now that it is trending we are seeing new ways to revise how we wear our favourite piece, whether it's a jeans pants, a shirt or that really washed jacket that we refused to throw out.

Here are my current favourite denim moments that will hopefully give you some inspiration. Whether you are looking to update your everyday casual looks or create a stunning street style moment.

  • Casual fridays. When we wear denim to work we want to maintain professionalism. Even though we are casual we should not choose denim that are too tight, short or distressed. We can still create a modern, cool professional denim look without going overboard.

A pair of mid to high rise wide leg denim parts are perfect for casual fridays, these looks take us straight into happy hour.


  • Ripped or distressed denim is the ultimate cool girl style. Ripped jeans when done correctly instantly adds a bit of edge to a look

The traditional knee rips are still great. But these Maison Margelia ripped/slashed side jeans have the girls in a chokehold even with a 500 euro price tag.


  • Denim on denim or as it is otherwise called, the Canadian tuxedo (google Bing Crosby) is next on our list.

Currently monochrome is a huge fashion trend, so clearly this is must try. Denim on denim can be a very polished look as seen on the Fendi runway. Contrastingly, It can also be the perfect cool girl streetstyle outfit.


Ulla Johnsom

  • This leads me nicely into skirts. Maxi skirts are a huge trend and I can see this one lasting a few seasons. During fashion month several fashion houses from New York to Paris sent models sashaying down the runway in maxi denim skirts and they were many great looks. Midi and maxi denim skirts are also great options for casual fridays.


The first place to shop is in our closets, and with this inflation it's perhaps the best place! Jeans are also great all year round, and they tend to look better with age. Regular jeans pants age into distressed jeans or cut to make shorts. Pants can also be easily changed into maxi skirts. It is likely that the ones we have are already 'worn in' and we just need to find updated ways to enjoy them.

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Marsha Butler
Marsha Butler
04. Juni 2023

It was always jeans pants for me, now I have a list ….. great article as usual. Love the pics as they are giving me ideas! Thanks again!

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Nickosha Arnold
Nickosha Arnold
15. Okt. 2022

Love this article! And the images you used are going straight to my mood board!

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14. Okt. 2022

I was never really into ripped jeans but because I always think it looked messy but I think I like the slashed jeans. it’s a neater look while still giving that edge.

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