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facial workouts

My skincare routine is my favourite beauty regimen. I enjoy spending quality time with myself in the evenings: cleansing, exfoliating, masking and hydrating. Skincare is the ultimate ME time.

Skincare routines are extremely popular on youtube and tiktok (I am told), millions of us have viewed the gurus as they explain how to use a jade roller and a gua sha tool. We have also seen our favourite celebs show us their nighttime skincare routine on Harper's Bazaar's youtube channel.

Ever popular are skincare 'tweakments' such as botox, fillers and the latest PDO threads. Some of these treatments can be done over a coffee break while others require little or no down time. In all honesty, I have zero issues with cosmetic treatments but I believe the better we take care of ourselves the longer we can wait to have these done. Hopefully I can wait another 15 years before needing Botox.

Nora, CEO of Haute Contour, shared that her aesthetician told her that 25 is a good age to start Botox. TWENTY FIVE! Luckily, she found that laughable and decided to do research on skincare techniques aimed at keeping the skin tight and glowing naturally. Nora and her team of experts have now created a natural beauty movement, the tagline for her facial gym, Haute Contour, the first of its kind in Switzerland.

Illustrations from HAUTE CONTOUR

TWANG had the opportunity to attend a Haute Contour 30 minute face workout pop-up session in Zürich and it was a perfect Sunday afternoon treat. Nora explained the benefits of facial exercises. In addition to firming the skin these exercises, when done correctly, can be used to detox, relieve tension and brighten the complexion.

The session began with warm up stretches, just as we would when working out any other muscle. Followed by a series of exercises to drain and prep the skin then facial exercises specifically for lifting and sculpting the face. It was quite the workout for the arms as well!

The techniques are simple and easy to follow up with at home, especially for those who already have a routine. I loved how relaxed I felt and I could see the results immediately afterwards.

Definitely TWANG approved!

The option to work with your own hands and just a simple oil (she chose grape-seed) makes it accessible to everyone. But I was very excited to get the SCULPTER. This small tool has 6 special edges and is used to lift, contour and reduce tension in the face.

When you see me and my cheekbones out this summer, please stop by and say hi to us.

Check out or Instagram to find out when they have other pop-up events and how to join their online community. I am excited to see what they do next.

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Nickosha Arnold
Nickosha Arnold
Apr 10, 2022

This is exactly what I need to implement in my routine

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