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Well that happened..

The last few years have been nothing short of crazy. For most of us, it felt like something came and swept our feet from under us. Seriously, what just happened?

And then when we thought we were out of the woods.. Now this! Really, like right now?

A cat looking at a window

Here are a few of my coping tips...

Do not let the things you cannot control make you feel out of control.

Letting go of your routines of self care is a recipe for spiralling out of control. As much as you can keep up with your hobbies, relationships, and routines. Remain in control of your life.

Make plans

Looking forward to things can help you maintain a positive outlook. Planning a run in the evenings, a phone call with a friend at the end of the week or planning a trip for the next season will keep you motivated and positive.

Tune out

Sometimes we just have to stop watching and reading. Just gather

enough information so that we know what’s going on. But turn off the rest and do not let it consume us. Too many opinions and hashtags can cause us unnecessary anxiety and waste precious time.

Do not isolate

Stay connected in real life with your dear ones. Check in on others and be intentional about maintaining your personal relationships.


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