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Getting fit this Spring!

Spring is not only for cleaning closets, it’s also for getting back in shape! Let’s be honest, the cold winter months often mean cozying up and packing on a few pounds (I know I did!). As warmer temperatures return though, it’s time to get moving.

Twang spoke with two fitness queens to get their top tips for getting and staying fit in the Spring and beyond.Whether you’re a gym person or an outdoors kind of person, the consensus is to find what works for you and stick to it.

Twang: living in cold temperatures can sometimes impact our health and fitness routines. As temperatures rise and the sun returns, people are usually inspired to get out and shed those winter habits. What are your top recommended activities for getting fit in the Spring?

Su’zette: Swedish winters make people tired and less motivated to work out. Constancy suffers. The number one thing for getting fit in the spring is getting your consistency back. Whatever the programme, whatever the activities, just stick with it. Getting fit is about showing up!

Beatriz: ss soon as the sun is out, I’m out. I love activities where I can take advantage of what the outdoor environment has to offer. We have a lot of outdoor gyms in Malmö that is great to use and also a walk to the playground can be a great spot for some exercise. And for me, nothing beats taking a run in the sun.

Twang: Walking is a popular activity once it's warmer. How can you get the most out of your walks?

Su’zette: try walking with a purpose. Focus on your mental health when you are walking. Get in touch with the natural environment around you. The beauty, the scenery. Try not to just see it as an activity. It is about living in the moment. Tune in to yourself and the nature that surrounds you.

Beatriz: Run! I’m not a big fan of walks but when I do, I need a great podcast and a goal. I started to walk to work now when it got warmer. It’s a three in one for me - transportation, me-time and exercise .

Twang: with Spring comes a lot of motivation to get fit. It takes a lot more than motivation to develop and maintain a routine. What are your tips for staying consistent?

Su’zette: Goals! Don’t focus on huge unrealistic ones – instead, set smaller weekly and monthly goals. You’ll be more motivated to keep going once you attain these smaller short term achievements. Also paint a picture. Set a target weight or a target look and stop making excuses. Getting fit is no small feat. You must push yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

Beatriz: I personally like a variety of work-out methods . I do what I think is fun. One month it’s running, one months it’s the gym and another month it’s Zumba. Do what you like, if you don’t like the gym, quit and find something else. Just don’t quit moving!

Twang tips:
  • Move your body! Choose activities that you like and keep moving. Switch it up so things don’t get boring.

  • Rest! So many people underestimate the power of rest. Resting helps your body to recover and you’ll have more energy to work out.

  • Hydrate! During the winter, people tend to drink less water (guilty over here). The fact is, drinking water refuels your body for workourts. It also aids in digestion, boosts overall energy, and of course nourishes the skin.

  • Let’s not forget nutrition. You dont have to count calories to get fit! Instead, focus on nutrition. As the sun returns, its a great time to take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables (think smoothies too). Don’t forget your whole grains and clean proteins.

Follow our experts for more motivation and inspiration: Su’zette and Beatriz


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