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Time for a Career Change

I hold a degree in mechanical engineering and have been working with 3D modelling for a while. After some years I started noticing a drop in excitement for the field. I wanted a career change. I wanted to work with something that fit to my personality, something that would make me happier and more fulfilled.

My approach was to apply for jobs in companies I found interesting. I was called for numerous job interviews, but nothing worked out in the end. After a while, I understood why the doors to change seemed to be closed for me. The truth is: I didn't have a target. I knew I wanted a change, so I was just applying everywhere hoping to hit something.

It wasn't until speaking with a career advisor who taught me some effective tools to finding the right career, that things started to happen for me. I found the tools simple but very effective, so it's something I would like to share.

  • Make a list of things you like to do in your daily life. Are you into sports, animals, handcrafts, singing, travel, children or talking to strangers. It is important to know what sparks joy in our lives.

  • Identify what things you like to have around you. What environment makes you inspired or productive? Is it being surrounded by people or sitting alone? A bit of background activity or complete silence? Would you like a chic modern lively work environment?

Think about these as keywords and write them down, as they will provide a map for what makes you happy and thrive. From this map, see how many items you have in your actual career. In my case, I had 15 words written down and I checked off just three things. Three out of 15 items! No wonder I wasn't thriving.

The next step is to:

  • Make a list of the careers that contain the elements from your map.

You should definitely be away from fieldwork if you like to dress up or if you like a neat work environment. If you are a creative person, you should pursue a career that gives space for your creative mindset, a position where you can influence the product or service you are working with. If you are a shy and introverted person you should be away from direct contact with customers.

These elements can sound obvious, but not surprisingly many people chose their careers based on money, prestige or family influence. If you work with something fulfilling you will be better able to succeed and get the financial reward you desire. The world needs all kinds of professionals and there is a place for you.

  • Send Applications but start from where you are.

If you already have a job you can start by looking for a role that can fit you better in your actual workplace. How lovely would it be to not have to start all over again sending CVs blindly. Start from where you are and the company you work for might just have what you are seeking.

  • One final and essential tip: talk about it!

Tell people you know that you are on a path to change your career. Give indicators into which direction you want to go. Contacts are usually a great way for a new job opportunity! I can tell you that with a clearer direction or target things will start to align for you.

Think about this as an experiment, try it and please let me know the outcome.

The best of luck on your next journey!

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