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The one and only- REGGAE

Written by Geórgia V Luz

What kind of music moves you?

By move, I mean that music that makes you smile from the inside out, you can even feel some goosebumps building up. Suddenly your body starts moving like it has its own life, you close your eyes, and you actually feel a little bit more powerful like the music was the fuel that you didn't know you needed. For me that kind of music is reggae.

Reggae is a music form originally from Jamaica that conquered the world when "king" Bob Marley became the first superstar from the third world - thank Jah! It has been alive since the late 1960s and it incorporates musical elements from blues, jazz, mento, calypso, and African rhythms. Reggae is deeply connected with the Rastafari religion which was developed in Jamaica in the 1930s. With the popularity of reggae music and its lyrics, the gospel of the Rastafari religion was promoted to the rest of the world.

While the lyrics also take on social criticism, it also promotes peace, love, and socializing.

I confess that I cannot listen to Superman by Tarrus Riley while I work. That would lead to me dancing and singing along like a happy and newly in love little girl. That also applies to many other songs including Nah look back by Raging Fyah, True Love by SOJA, Tout ce qu'ils veulent by Dub Inc (if I knew French), Bad Card, and Zion Train by Bob Marley & The Wailers.

When I think of reggae, I get an immediate image of a bunch of people smiling and dancing. I think of the cool, relaxed, and colorful clothing. The stylish hair like braids, dreadlocks, and headwraps. I am thankful for such a rich and musical culture that has been spread to the world. There truly is nothing like that authentic REGGAE vibe!

Jamaica Reggae Party Oslo, Noway

What's your favourite reggae tune?


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